Make money with fraud! From Taiwan!

Fraud is part of life. Individuals, syndicates, companies … everyone tries to defraud you. Nigerian princes and deceptive insurance schemes are one thing. You pay in a sum for the promise of earning more. Such schemes are obvious and whoever falls for them … well. But there is a more innocuous type of fraud outContinue reading “Make money with fraud! From Taiwan!”

Is Digital Advertising the Biggest Fraud in History?

Enron is commonly referred to as the biggest fraud ever, costing investors over 70 billion USD. Perhaps Lehman Brothers did even more damage. Or Bernie Madoff. It’s hard to say. But without a doubt, we do now have a new candidate, and it’s not a company or a person. It’s an industry; digital advertising. ListenContinue reading “Is Digital Advertising the Biggest Fraud in History?”